Support the Economy and Buy American?

I never thought in my lifetime I would ever utter the phrase, “I need a mini van!” With a 3-year-old at home and one on the way, it was time to give in and accept that a practical family of 4 drives just that, a mini van. So the hunt for the new mini van begins…

It’s no secret that car manufacturers and dealers across the country are in trouble. And those being hit the hardest by this current economic climate are domestic car companies. GM is at the top of the list as the annual sales rate for the US auto industry is plunging to its lowest level in decades. GM just announced this week that its downsizing proposal goes much further than it had planned in December. GM is looking at eliminating 47,000 hourly and salaried jobs globally in addition to closing 14 factories by 2012. Hummer will be deleted from its divisional portfolio and Saturn could be eliminated in 2011.

So the question at hand is, “Should we support the economy and buy American?” It’s actually a myth that all domestic cars are made in the US and all foreign cars are made overseas. There are thousands of foreign car name plates that are made right here in the USA. And don’t think that all GM cars are manufactured here. Many cars labeled with the GM name are in fact made overseas. By buying brands like Hondas and Toyotas we are actually supporting thousands of Americans in other states, thus supporting the US economy.

Now it’s time to admit if I chose to go American when buying my new mini van. Sadly, I did not. But I still feel that by purchasing a new car in these troubled times I am doing my part in supporting the economy. I’d like to think of my support on more of a local level. I am supporting the local economy by using a Maryland-owned dealership. Those who will benefit from my purchase are the sales manger, the salesman and even the person who will work on my maintenance in the future. It takes support on a local level to really make a difference on a national level.


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