Introducing LPMs and PPMs

LPM. PPM. We have been hearing these acronyms quite often in the Media Works office. The LPM, otherwise known as a local people meter, is a device for electronically measuring television viewing. This process is scheduled to roll out in Baltimore in July 2009. The PPM, portable people meter, is the electronic measurement device for radio and is about to go live in Washington DC.  Both devices will change the way TV and radio is measured – for the better.

Since Media Works’ clients are very active in Baltimore and Washington, we have been attending various educational seminars in both markets. Nielsen has had two presentations so far to educate the Baltimore media community on what to expect in the LPM transition.  No longer will paper diaries be driving the TV ratings for Baltimore. Electronic “boxes” will be installed in Nielsen family homes to record what is being watched and by whom. Nielsen explained in detail the methodology of meter placement in the market and the lengthy process of how they get and maintain a Nielsen family.

In Washington there have been several panel discussions and educational presentations to prepare the media community for the PPM, or portable people meter. This electronic measurement system requires people to wear a small device that will record all their radio listening.  So like LPMs, the PPM will record what is being listened to and by whom.

At Media Works, we feel both systems will provide more accurate viewing estimates and demographic data. Lets face it, recording everything in a diary you have watched on TV or have listened to on the radio leaves a lot of room for error. With hundreds of channels available on TV and radio and the increasing use of DVR technology and radio station streaming, even people with the best intentions of keeping their diaries accurate can forget to log in everything.

We are pleased to see this new measurement technology that should help us in making even more refined and efficient broadcast media buys for our clients. Undoubtedly LPMs and PPMs will be an ongoing topic of conversation in the Media Works office. We will continue to post udpates on LPMs and PPMs. Please your thoughts in the comments section.


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