Media Works Hosts GEM Weekend Getaway

As you know, Media Works is celebrating our 20th anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, Media Works is giving back to the community by partnering with GEM – Girls Empowerment Mission. GEM is a mentor program out of Chesapeake High School in Essex. It is designed to empower disadvantaged high school girls by providing opportunities and growth experiences that will help them become independent, self-sufficient, confident young women.

Recently, Media Works hosted a GEM weekend getaway in Washington DC and College Park, MD. It was a packed weekend for the girls that included a visit to WPGC-FM, University of Maryland College Park and the Newseum in DC.

Laura Howard and I joined the girls on Friday for the WPGC tour and College Park festivities. The girls were beyond excited to tour the WPGC station and learn about the radio business from the sales reps and DJs. We discussed all the different components of the media industry from selling radio, to buying radio, promotions, programming, etc. The highlight of the station visit was a meet and greet with on-air personalities Tigger and Rain. The girls could barely contain themselves!!!

After WPGC, we headed down to College Park for a visit to the admissions office. The girls were given a detailed presentation on the University of Maryland and the application process. They asked amazing questions and were visibly excited about the University and applying to college in general. After we dined in the student union we attended a graduate dance performance on campus. The girls were able to experience interpretive dance which they had never seen before.

Saturday’s big event for the girls was a trip to the Newseum in DC! I’m not sure who was more excited – the GEM girls or Mandy Remeto, Cheryl ILL and Amy Wisner from Media Works :). The Newseum was a great place to show the girls how the media industry has evolved over the years. They loved seeing the front pages of all the major daily newspapers from across the country. The exhibit on the 9/11 terrorists attacks was very moving and seeing it from a journalistic point of view really put a different spin on it. After the tour of the museum, the Media Works team spent some time discussing current events with the GEM girls and possible career paths when they finish school.

It was such a great weekend for the GEM girls as well as Media Works. We can’t wait for the next event or weekend getaway!!!


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