Maryland Governor’s Tourism Industry Conference

Last week, a number of us from the Media Works team attended the Maryland Governor’s Tourism Industry Conference at the beautiful Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Prince George’s County. The conference brought together marketers from all over the state to share what they have done and to learn from each other.

Margot Amelia, Executive Director of the Maryland Office of Tourism Development, gave a very interesting and insightful talk about the current state of tourism marketing. Maryland’s tourism website is becoming an increasingly important place for travelers to learn about vacation opportunities and request more information. According to Margot, 2/3 of all requests for information now come from their web marketing efforts. Their site traffic is also up 3.5% over 2007.

Media Works has been working with the Maryland Office of Tourism Development since July of this year and just finished a very strong fall campaign. Maryland has so much to offer and is a great vacation destination for travelers. We have really enjoyed working with Maryland Tourism so far and are excited to keep this partnership going well into the future.

Media Works’ Michele Selby spoke Tuesday on the ever-changing media landscape. One of the most striking parts of Michele’s talk was looking at the huge difference between the number and complexity of media options 25 years ago and those that exist today. This is why, she says, it is so important to fully understand your consumers and how they use media. Michele added that using multiple media is no longer an option, it’s now a requirement. Now, more than ever, integration of your marketing is of the utmost importance.

Josh Hallett also gave a great presentation Tuesday afternoon on social media and it’s influence on marketing in 2008. Be sure to check out Josh’s blog for more insights.

But the conference wasn’t all business. On Tuesday evening we celebrated everyone who has put so much time, effort and passion into marketing their destination within the state of Maryland. Congratulaions to all of the winners and thank you for allowing us to be a part of the evening.


One response to “Maryland Governor’s Tourism Industry Conference

  1. Thanks for the kind words about the Maryland Governor’s Tourism Industry Conference! I know the conference participants really learned a lot about how the media landscape has changed — Michele rocks!

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